New Day Community Church does not necessarily support all the content on each of these pages. First of all, since we are called to be "salt", it is imperative that we know what it is that we are "flavoring". Therefore, we want you to be informed. Secondly, as a community church, we feel responsible to provide you with information about the towns near us and the area surrounding them. Explore freely; most of the material represented here will be useful to you in many different ways. Finally, be aware that, today, much of what is considered "Christian" contradicts the Word of God. Therefore, when considering information found through various links, you should know that New Day does not endorse or recommend everything other ministries produce. Please proceed with caution and an open Bible.

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Our Community

Visiting Champaign County?

Champaign County Information

Champaign Illinois

Urbana Illinois

Champaign Park District

Urbana Park District

Virtual U of I
Many of the stops will give you a sense of the history and tradition of Illinois, and others show our state of the art facilities..

Champaign County Forest Preserve District

The News-Gazette Online
Champaign-Urbana's only daily newspaper.

Contemporary Christian Radio. 97.1FM

Local "talk and news" radio 1400AM

Moody Network Christian Radio 102.5FM

Schools (K - 12)

C-U Chamber of Commerce


University of Illinois

Parkland Community College


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Our Community ---- Worship Resources ---- Multimedia Resources
Christian World View ---- References and Resources ---- Search Engines

Worship Resources

Midnight Oil Productions

Telling the Story in a New Light through professional-quality worship media that your church can afford.

SSTC's Worship Resources List of Links
A reasonably comprehensive listing of music, drama, liturgical and sermon resources. Always changing, the featured links will point you in several interesting directions.

ChordFind.Com - Guitar Chord Finder

Displays a digital fretboard with fingering positions for any imaginable guitar chord. Includes a left handed version and a "backwords" finder.

Tom Strahle's Website

The goal of this site is to help guitarists, through knowledge, to improve their skills thus helping to facilitate congregational worship and simplify their playing helping them to worship.

FindSounds.com - Search the Web for Sounds

FindSounds includeds an extensive collection of special and unique sound effects ready for free download. Search the site and find just the right special effect for that drama you are rehearsing.

Rich Mullins Guitar Chords

Lyrics and chords to all of Rich Mullins songs

Ginghamsburg Church
Often referred to as the "wired church" the site is worthy of your inspection if you are interested in seeing cutting edge technology applied to a rich and rewarding worship experience. Ginghamsburg sponsors several training workshops per year - you can sign up on line.

Worship Together

Willow Creek Association
Since 1992, the Willow Creek Association has been linking like-minded, action-oriented churches with each other and with strategic vision, training, and resources.

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Our Community ---- Worship Resources ---- Multimedia Resources
Christian World View ---- References and Resources ---- Search Engines

Multimedia Resources

Supports missions, churches and ministries with photography that will enable the Gospel to grow and to build an online community for fellowship among Christian photographers

Reel Classics Elizabeth's Classic Movie Homepage
The Internet's most comprehensive site dedicated exclusively to Classic Movies. Comprising over 1600 pages and almost 2 gigabytes of content (with much more on the way), it may well be the biggest too. Features an audio/video gallery, commentary and reviews, and additional links. Fun!!

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Our Community ---- Worship Resources ---- Multimedia Resources
Christian World View ---- References and Resources ---- Search Engines

Christian World View

First Things
FIRST THINGS is published by The Institute on Religion and Public Life, an interreligious, nonpartisan research and education institute whose purpose is to advance a religiously informed public philosophy for the ordering of society.

The Wilberforce Forum
The Wilberforce Forum is a Christian worldview institute affiliated with Prison Fellowship Ministries in Washington, DC. Their mission is to engage the academy, the media, the Church, and the political and legal communities with the weight of the historic Christian intellectual tradition. As they seek to foster the renewal of culture with a well-reasoned worldview apologetic, their commitment is to stimulate thought and dialogue, and to bring about a more substantial engagement of contemporary culture and the ideas that inform it.

Nehemiah Institute, Inc. - Home
Our primary work is in providing a unique worldview testing and training service to private schools, churches, homeschoolers, and other Christian ministries. Programs are designed for junior high through adult ages.


A Christian perspective on the days news and trends. Features Chuck Colson's daily radio transcripts

Current Thoughts & Trends Magazine -- Archive
Current Thoughts & Trends® is no longer being published. However, its article archives (containing CTT issues from November 1999 through May 2004) are freely available for your continued access and use.

Summit Ministries
Summit Ministries equips tomorrow's servant leaders to analyze competing worldviews and champion the Christian faith, inspiring each one to love God with his heart, soul, mind and strength.

Probe Ministries Homepage
Probe's mission is to present the Gospel to communities, nationally and internationally, by providing life-long opportunities to integrate faith and learning through balanced, biblically based scholarship, training people to love God with their minds and equipping the Church to engage the culture for Christ.

Ravi Zacharias International Ministries
Ravi Zacharias International Ministries seeks to reach and challenge those who shape the ideas of a culture with the credibility and the beauty of the gospel of Jesus Christ. To the questions of the skeptic and the believer we offer an apologetic we give an answer to the counterclaims of secularism and other worldviews. We address the intellectual and essential assumptions of our culture, realizing that for some, the door to the heart is through the mind, and for others through the imagination.

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Our Community ---- Worship Resources ---- Multimedia Resources
Christian World View ---- References and Resources ---- Search Engines

Reference and Resources

Net Results
Equipping teams for vital ministry. Helping congregations help people make a life-changing connection with Jesus Christ and grow in that relationship.

Reasons To Believe - Homepage
Reasons To Believe is an international, interdenominational ministry established to communicate the uniquely factual basis for belief in the Bible as the wholly true Word of God and for personal faith in Jesus Christ.

Peacemaker Ministries
Prepare church leaders, adults, and children for peacemaking through educational resources, seminars, and Conciliator Training and Certification. We also provide conflict counseling, mediation, and arbitration services to resolve church and ministry disputes, lawsuits, family divisions, and business conflicts.

Faith Communities Today Home Page
Faith Communities Today is the largest survey of congregations ever conducted in the United States. It is the most inclusive, officially sanctioned program of interfaith cooperation. The project was initiated to enhance the capacity of participating faith groups to conduct and use congregational research. This study is intended to provide a public profile of the heart and soul of religion in America - local congregations - at the beginning of a new millennium.

Book Of Hope
At Book of Hope we are about presenting the Gospel to children in a way that they can understand . . .presenting Hope to a hopeless generation through the love of Jesus . . . Affecting destiny by providing God's eternal Word to all of the youth and children of the world!

Christian Answers Network Answers, ministry tools, and more! [Home]
A mega-site providing biblical answers to contemporary questions. References include extensive on-line lookups.

Intervarsity Student Fellowship = Bible Studies With Internationals
Their vision is that international students will come to faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, that they might be built up in faith to serve Him joyfully and faithfully during their college years, and when they return they will reach many parts of their home countries and the world with the Gospel.

Sponsored by Rick Warren and the Saddleback Church. Warren's "The Purpose Driven Church" is one of the most widely distrubuted books on the subject of church growth in the past 10 years. The site is rich in content and deserving of a visit by anyone interested in achieving personal and congregational direction in ministry.

Jewish World Review

JWR is a free magazine published five days a week on the World Wide Web of interest to people of faith and those interested in learning more about contemporary Judaism from Jews who take their religion seriously.

ChristianityToday.com - Informing. Inspiring. Connecting. Equipping.
To engage, encourage, and equip the church worldwide,sharing the depth and transforming power of the Gospel as it permeates all spheres of life.

Mission Research and Support Organizations

Includes many and varied links to organizations active in Christian outreach throughout the world. Also, at the sim.org site you may find an opportunity to participate in a "short term" missions outreach project. This is a real "one stop shopping" experience for the missions minded.

Boundless Webzine -College Resource
The goal for Boundless is to find those mentors who do have the time - and the wisdom - worth heeding. Each week they publish articles that explore the terrain around college types - distinguishing the great vistas from the dead-ends and rabbit trails. Discussions of love beyond sex, a worldview beyond political correctness and faith beyond sociological stereotypes are included. The writers are professors, students and professionals who understand what's at stake.

Grantseeker's Resources
Grants Funding Resources; Grants Links, Grants Publications and Books; Grants Information Sources. Help may only be a click or two away.

Gospel Communications Network
An alliance of Christian organizations dedicated to spreading the Gospel over the Internet's World Wide Web.

CCN Online
Now, for the first time, you can bring cutting edge training seminars and community outreach events right to your church via live, interactive satellite broadcasts!

National Archives and Records Administration - NARA
Determined to ensure ready access to essential evidence . . .that documents the rights of American citizens, the actions of federal officials, and the national experience. Includes the virtual copies - or access to -- nearly every document ever collected or pertaining to the US Government. WOW!!

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Our Community ---- Worship Resources ---- Multimedia Resources
Christian World View ---- References and Resources ---- Search Engines

Search Engines

Google News
One of the very BEST search engines. They offer these links as a way of providing resources and up-to-the minute information on developing news stories.


Extensive links to a wide variety of essentially Christian web sites.

Worthy Links - The Premiere Christian Search Engine

Extensive links to a wide variety of essentially Christian web sites.

Illinois District Church of the Nazarene
Information relating to Nazarene churches on the Illinois District: locations, addresses, and schedules of district activities.

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Our Community ---- Worship Resources ---- Multimedia Resources
Christian World View ---- References and Resources ---- Search Engines