What We Believe

The Church of the Nazarene is a Protestant Christian church in the Wesleyan-Holiness tradition, tracing its roots to an anniversary date of 1908. We are a Great Commission church. We believe that God offers to everyone forgiveness, peace, joy, purpose, love, meaning in life and the promise of heaven when life is over by entering and experiencing a personal relationship with God through Jesus Christ. We are called to take this message to people everywhere. Finally, we are a holiness church. We believe that Christians can experience a deeper level of life in which there is victory over sin, power to witness and serve, and a richer fellowship with God, all through the infilling of the Holy Spirit.


It is our purpose to bring people to Jesus Christ and full membership in His family, develop them to Christ-like maturity, equip them for their ministry in life and the mission of the church in order to magnify God's name.

We are a Christ-centered church. Eternal life is possible because of Christ’s sacrifice. Abundant life is possible because of Christ’s indwelling Spirit. As we enjoy eternal, abundant life, we are driven to share Christ with others. If you are looking for a church where Christ is praised, the gospel is shared, people are loved, the Bible is preached, and community is fostered, we may be the place for you.

Not only is New Day Community Church Christ-centered, but we are Purpose-Driven. Our compelling purpose is to, “Build God inspired relationships and to bridge Christ’s love to our world.” All of our ministries have been designed to fulfill our purpose.

We take Jesus seriously. What is important to Him is imperative to us. You are invited to join us as we earnestly serve our Savior!


Click here in order to send us whatever you would like our Special OPS Prayer Team to pray for. You're important to God, and you're important to us. We believe that God wants to meet your needs and reveal His promises to you. So whatever you're concerned about and need prayer for — we want to pray SPECIFICALLY for YOU!!

If you would like to learn more about getting connected at New Day please continue to explore our web site, contact us at newdaynaz@newdaynaz.net or simply fill out a visitor’s information card when you come to see us.

Weekly Worship
Each week, people throughout the Champaign County area are challenged and uplifted during our Sunday worship service. They enjoy contemporary music, gripping multi-media, and inspiring messages from Scripture. We encourage you to join us for a relevant experience where you can become a part of a vision to impact lives and glorify God. Sunday dress varies from formal/traditional to casual…you wear what makes YOU comfortable.

Friendly, Yet Challenging
New Day is not high pressure, but clearly communicates "next steps" so you'll know what to do when you're ready. We think when you visit you'll be encouraged, challenged and want to come back for more.

Small Groups
We also have small groups that make it easier to connect.

Adult Education
As you continue to grow in your faith, you will find a great resource in our short term classes designed to train our members in several areas of Bible knowledge and application. Our Christian Life And Service Seminars (C.L.A.S.S.) are designed to address specific issues within each of the 5 core areas of the church:                                      
                                    1. Membership/Connect
                                    2. Maturity/Grow
                                    3. Ministry/Serve
                                    4. Mission/Share
                                    5. Magnify/Worship.

Children and Students

We can't put in words the impact that New Day can have in the lives of students of all ages. We treasure the opportunity to bless families by teaching their children about God.

If there is anything we can do to help you get connected to our community, please let us know.

Come and see!!